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I have a tablix with lots of rows that span over multiple pages. I have set the Tablix property Repeat header rows on each page but this does not work. I read somewhere that this is a known bug in Report Builder 3.0. Is this true? If not, is there something else that needs to be done?

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It depends on the tablix structure you are using. In a table, for example, you do not have column groups, so Reporting Services does not recognize which textboxes are the column headers and setting RepeatColumnHeaders property to True doesn't work.

Instead, you need to:

  1. Open Advanced Mode in the Groupings pane. (Click the arrow to the right of the Column Groups and select Advanced Mode.)
  2. In the Row Groups area (not Column Groups), click on a Static group, which highlights the corresponding textbox in the tablix. Click through each Static group until it highlights the leftmost column header. This is generally the first Static group listed.
  3. In the Properties window, set the RepeatOnNewPage property to True.
  4. Make sure that the KeepWithGroup property is set to After.

The KeepWithGroup property specifies which group to which the static member needs to stick. If set to After then the static member sticks with the group after it, or below it, acting as a group header. If set to Before, then the static member sticks with the group before, or above it, acting as a group footer. If set to None, Reporting Services decides where to put the static member.

Now when you view the report, the column headers repeat on each page of the tablix.

This video shows how to set it exactly as the answer described.

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I figured out my problem. Stacia your answer is absolutely correct, it's just a tricky thing to get just right. Note that Stacia says to change the ROW Groups area when setting the RepeatOnNewPage property. Everything else about this solution deals with columns, but you need to pick the Row groups (on the left), not the Column groups (on the right), even though you start by clicking the dropdown in Columns. Thanks Stacia, brilliant. –  moodboom Nov 20 '12 at 13:55
+1 Thank you so much. It saved my day. –  Ravindra Gullapalli Mar 16 '13 at 12:27
+1 - I just finished reading about a dozen walkthroughs on this all over the internet, and this is the best most direct resolution to the issue - you also explain WHY the options matter, which is fantastic. Thanks! –  JNK Jun 10 '13 at 19:06
@shrimprice i wish yours was the answer as I would mark it as so :P, i didnt realize it was the group section at the bottom of the report so i was all kinda of lost. –  Tony Dec 11 '13 at 18:42
KeepWithGroup=After was key for me. Like too many Microsoft things, this is a non-obvious trick needed to get a feature working. Thank you! –  leqid Jan 15 at 22:30

I have 2.0 and found the above to help; however, the selecting of a static did not highlight the cell for some reason. I followed these steps:

  1. Under column groups select the advanced and the statics will show up
  2. Click on the static which shows up in the row groups
  3. Set KeepWithGroup to After and RepeatOnNewPage to true

Now your column headers should repeat on each page.

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Another way to accomplish this if you still have that issue is by doing the following :

  • Clear all the Table header text leave it empty.
  • On the Reports “Header” section add textboxes inside a rectangle , each textbox will represent a column header for the table.
  • As this rectangle is on the Reports Header section it will display on all report pages.

Thanks, Sufian.

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What worked for me was to create a new report from scratch.

This done and the new report working, I will compare the 2 .rdl files in Visual Studio. These are in XML format and I am hoping a quick WindDiff or something would reveal what the issue was.

An initial look shows there are 700 lines of code or a bit more difference between both files, with the larger of the 2 being the faulty file. A cursory look at the TablixHeader tags didn't reveal anything obvious.

But in my case it was a corrupted .rdl file. This was originally copied from a working report so in the process of removing what wasn't re-used, this could have corrupted it. However, other reports where this same process was done, the headers could repeat when the correct settings were made in Properties.

Hope this helps. If you've got a complex report, this isn't the quick fix but it works.

Perhaps comparing known good XML files to faulty ones on your end would make a good forum post. I'll be trying that on my end.

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How I fixed this issue was I manually changed the code behind (from the menu View/code). The section below should have as many number of pairs <TablixMember> </TablixMember> as the number of rows are in the tablix. In my case I had more pairs <TablixMember> </TablixMember>than the number of rows in the tablix. Also if you go to "Advanced mode" (to the right of "Column Groups") the number of static lines behind the "Row groups" should be equal to the number of rows in the tablix. The way to make it equal is changing the code.

          <Group Name="Detail" />
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