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In the AppEngine console I have enabled datastore administration. I also enabled the remote API. However, when I try to access it I see the following message:

Error: Forbidden
Your client does not have permission to get URL

Many people seem to have a 400 (Not found) or 500 (Error), but none of the fixes for these issues seem to fix this permission problem

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The permissions issue was caused by having login for my webapp restricted to one domain, while I was accessing the AppEngine administration from another domain.

As an example, AppEngine administration was being performed from support@my_developer_domain.com, whereas all the logins for the app itself were in the form xyz@client_company_domain.com.

The solution was to get the client to assign me an email address at their own domain (andy@client_company_domain.com) then invite that account to be a developer for the web app. After accepting the invitation and logging in with this account, the datastore admin page was visible.

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