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I have the*Topics* controller and in the view/topics/index.html.erb the link for destroying item:

<%= link_to 'Destroy',topic, confirm: 'Are you sure?', method: :delete %>

I tried also

<%= link_to 'Destroy', topic_path(topic), confirm: 'Are you sure?', method: :delete %>

but both returns

undefined method topic_path for Class:0x00000105056a80>: 0x00000105047328>

in routes.rb is following:

  namespace :admin do
    resources :topics

Where could be the problem and how to in the easily way to solve it? I was checking the other generated controllers/views by CRUD, and the setup is always the same and in all other controllers it's working well, just in this one I am getting over and over again this error.

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Are you using instance variables (e.g. @topic)? –  Abe Voelker Jul 1 '12 at 22:28

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Try this:

<%= link_to 'Destroy', admin_topic_path(topic), 
                                    confirm: 'Are you sure?', method: :delete %>

To make sure run command rake routes, in the result you should see your route.

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