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Regarding the new ScriptDb service; from the frequently asked questions section:

What are the quotas on the database? Currently, the are: 50MB for consumer accounts, 100MB for Google Apps accounts, 200MB for Google Apps for Business/Education/Government accounts

This limit is per-user across all their databases.

Taking the consumer account as an example, does this mean there is a 50MB quota for each database owned by a user, or does the quota apply to all of a user's databases combined?

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All the databases combined. At least that's what they've told me right after the session.

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Thanks Henrique. Did you get to the "HTML service" session? - might need to pick your brain on that as well, haha. –  AdamL Jul 2 '12 at 1:41
:D I sure did. How could I miss it?! But I still have to start working with it. (on vacation now) –  Henrique Abreu Jul 2 '12 at 1:45

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