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I have a file called test_web.py containing a class TestWeb and many methods named like test_something().

I can run every test in the class like so:

$ nosetests test_web.py 
FAIL: checkout test
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/me/path/here/test_web.py", line 187, in test_checkout

But I can’t seem to run individual tests. These give me “No such test” errors when run in the same PWD:

$ nosetests test_web.py:test_checkout
$ nosetests TestWeb:test_checkout

What could be wrong here?

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can't help you unless you can post your test cases or a SSCCE, I just tried the syntax you used with nose on my machine and it worked fine. –  Jeff Tratner Jul 2 '12 at 0:34

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You must specify it like so: nosetests <file>:<Test_Case>.<test_method>, or

nosetests test_web.py:TestWeb.test_checkout

See the docs

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Why on earth library uses ':' instead of '.'? ;) –  omikron Jun 12 at 8:57

You can also specify a module:

nosetests tests.test_integration:IntegrationTests.test_user_search_returns_users
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