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I have a context menu (PopupMenuControlTrusted control from infragistics)

Using inspect.exe I can find the menu and sub menu items with no trouble Using UI Automation Verify ( I can find the menu item with some difficulty I need to hover over the control to find it, at this point the context menu is found with the correct window handle but no children. I have to then tell the program to find the context menu again at which point all the child menu items are found.

When I do this by code I can never find the children, TreeWalker.RawWalker.GetFirstChild(menu) is always returning null I am referencing the UIAComWrapper (same as used in the UI Automation Verify tool)

I have tried using the ControlWalker, sending a CacheRequest.Current on the element but I am unable to find any child elements

Has someone had this problem before or can give me any guidance as what else to do?

Edit I have actually found out that AutomationElement.FromPoint can find the inner element and from there I can use the tree walker to find the parent, the parent turns out to be the menu that I had before, but i still cannot find child elements from the menu, can anyone explain this? I am confused here

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Sounds like there's a bug in the control, in that it's not adding its actual children to its automation children. (The automation children are typically set up as an array; adding the child elements has to be done separately.) – Eric Brown Jul 28 '13 at 7:04

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