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i am a new linq to sql learner and this is my very first attempt to create a data viewer program. The idea is simple, i'd like to create a software that is able to view content of a table in a database. That's it.

I got an early problem here already and i have seen many tutes and articles online but I still cant fix the bug.

Here is my code:

    static void Main(string[] args)
        string cs = "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=somedb;Integrated Security=SSPI;";

        var db = new DataClasses1DataContext(cs);

        foreach (var b in db.Mapping.GetTables())


When I tried to check db.connection.equals(null); it returns false, so i thought i have connected successfully to the database since there is no error at all. But the code above doesn't print anything out to the screen.

I kind of lost and don't know what's going on here. Does anyone know what is going wrong here?

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How many mappings are there in the data context? Try Console.WriteLine(db.Mapping.GetTables().Count();? A mapping is not the same as a table. –  Marijn Jul 2 '12 at 7:07
Exactly! There is no mapping at all in the data context, but the count() return a number related to the mappings count that i have after dragging some mappings into the designer. Thanks! –  Chris'o Jul 3 '12 at 23:34

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Ok, let's look at some of these lines:

var db = new DataClasses1DataContext(cs);

This is a perfectly normal and fine call to a constructor. Since DataContext implements IDisposable, when you are using it for real, consider using the using statement.

using (var db = new DataClasses1DataContext(cs))
  // do stuff with db here
} // when leaving the block, db is disposed - even in the case of an exception.


Don't do this. DataContext will open and close the connection when it needs to.

foreach (var b in db.Mapping.GetTables())

Hmm, maybe there are no tables in the mapping. Did you drag a table onto the designer surface from the server explorer?

Most people would query a table instead of perusing the mappings. Consider this code instead:

foreach (var customer in db.Customer.Take(10))

Here's a video showing how to drag a table onto the designer surface from the server explorer:


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All the things you said are true! I didn't add any table in the mapping so gettables.count() returned 0. Big thanks! –  Chris'o Jul 3 '12 at 23:48

Try change your connection string to below

string cs = @"Data Source=.\;Initial Catalog=somedb;Integrated Security=SSPI;";
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Thanks for replying my question but no luck after trying it out tho. I did some other combinations of the connection string too, still can't get any data out of it. Seems like i am missing some kind of property to make linq talk to sql server which i can't figure out yet. –  Chris'o Jul 2 '12 at 4:55

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