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I am not trusting SSRS when it renders. I feel like it's caching at times and the results are not updated. Is there some cache I need to worry about to force clear when I'm not sure?

I noticed if I run an ssrs report right after changing a proc, and then run it a few minutes later I get different results. It's almost like there is a delay from when I change a proc to when it finally results in ssrs showing the new data for the proc changes.

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Can you clarify whether you're seeing this behavior in BIDS or when viewing a report online via Report Manager (or custom app)? – Stacia Jul 2 '12 at 17:26

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It definitley has, but I think you need to configure the caching explicitly (Report Manager, report properties, Processing Options). See the Caching Reports section on MSDN. There might be some other caching options used internally when exporting a report, but this is not your case.

Maybe the browser is caching data as well. Try deleting the browser cache and re-run the report.

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