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I'm wondering if LocalBroadcastManager is better than method calls to Objects that are subscribed to the event publisher, and if the overhead (if any) is worth it.

I'm working on a Chat app, and a sample process includes passing a newly-received raw message to an SQLite database archive, then alerting an Activity that the database has been updated so it can get a new collection of messages. Right now, what happens is once a MessageReceiver gets a new message, it has a DatabaseInterface add that message to the database, then alerts an Activity via a method call. As far as I know, this couples the MessageReceiver and the Activity, and, if I recall correctly, that's bad. I liked the idea of using Guava EventBus, but currently, the most recent Android API 8-compatible release (11.2) only has the beta version. I thought of implementing my own using Handlers, but remembered the BroadcastReceiver and stuff.

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Yes, I think this is a good use case for LocalBroadcastManager and what I would use in this case.

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Thanks for the response! Out of curiosity though, what would NOT constitute a good use-case? – cesar Jul 2 '12 at 4:38

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