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I'm trying to get the title of a page in an iFrame. I did look at some other questions on stackoverflow and found the following code:

var title = $("#frame").contents().find("title").html();

I though it should work.

But here on my jsfiddle the code doesn't seem to work. Can anyone explain to me why it wont work, and give me a suggestion of how I would get this to work. Thanks!

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Cross domain, so the parent javascript will get nothing from iframe content when iframe loaded.

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This has been asked and answered many times. You can't access the contents of another domain from your domain. It would be a security risk.

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and I did say I saw other posts. Just SAYING! -_- – Shawn31313 Jul 2 '12 at 3:21
lol, yeah I read it but you weren't looking for the right terms that's why I put the search link. – elclanrs Jul 2 '12 at 3:22
        (function(el, w)
    function loadFunc(e)
        e = e || w.event;
        var f = || e.srcElement, fb = f.contentDocument || f.contentWindow.document;
        document.title = fb.title;
    if (w.addEventListener)
        el.addEventListener('load', loadFunc, false);
    else if (w.attachEvent)
        el.attachEvent('onload', loadFunc);
(document.getElementById('myIframe'), window);
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