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I'm trying to get dropdownchecklist jquery plugin working with ko. I've wired up custom binding handler but dropdown won't populate with options. Please check my fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/amitava82/wMH8J/11/

Appreciate your help. Thanks!

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This is because you create dropdown before binding KnockoutJS. How does this dropdown work? It creates additional divs and spans which copy the content of select and create nice looking list. After that bindings are applied and they modify the select (as they should), but dropdown is not updated, because this library is kind of static, i.e. it copies the content of select only at the time of calling.

I've updated your jsFiddle so you can see temporary fix. What I mean is that it works now, the binding is applied before creating dropdown. The only problem is that changing options field in viewModel won't affect the dropdown. What you probably need to do is to use subscribe method. You have to monitor changes to options field and if they occur you have to recreate the dropdown. That's an easy way at least.

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I've generally found that creating Knockout binding wrappers for various jQuery libs works well for our project. They're usually fairly simple. –  Svend Jul 2 '12 at 8:14
Thanks, your solution does solve the issue. I'd definitely like to know about the wrapper technique that @Svend mentioned. That would help me to understand how to work with different JQuery plugins with KO. I'll make the answer accepted. –  amitava82 Jul 2 '12 at 12:04

@freakish answer will work for most static content, but for anything dynamic using templates, for example if or foreach bindings, or you need to support underlying data updates, such as more checkbox options "suddenly" becoming available, it will not work.

An example of a really simple $.button binding apply which can be used to wrap the more simple jQuery calls. It's a simple matter of adding more members to controls to make them available in bindings.

The case with jQuery Dropdown Check List is a bit tricky however, since you obviously want to use the built in options handler, but you need to run $.dropdownchecklist after the options handler has run, as it creates the DOM elements that jQuery depends on. By wrapping the built in options handler, we are always called in the correct context.

In my experience of usage (our project makes use of about 10-15 custom bindings), you'll average about 10-20 lines of actual JS. If you start ballooning into +100 lines, I find it's a good idea to refactor, and rethink. I hope this helps some :-) I've been using Knockout for a few months now at a major UI implementation project at work, I've really learned alot, and I'm amazed at this stuff.

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