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I am trying to filter web content that is accessed programmatically, lets say through lwp::simple or sockets.

I do not have any control over the server configuration, eg. dns settings

How will I be able to use opendns, with these restrictions.

is there per-request dns?

I am not that familiar with this topic, and I greatly appreciate your help.

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Is "programmatically" an important condition? There is no reliable way to determine whether a resolver request is driven by a user or some automation. – tripleee Jul 2 '12 at 9:09

LWP/Perl sockets use the operating system's resolver only. You need to set up a separate forwarder (e.g. dnsmasq) somewhere that can be configured to resolve certain hostname differently. Then either:

  • subclass LWP to use the external forwarder or
  • get permission to point the OS resolver there or
  • write something in C that hi-jacks the getnameinfo(3)/gethostbyaddr(3) and related system calls, then install this as preload hack.
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