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I set up jenkins on a linux server and select a Win7 pc as slave. I choose "launch slave agents via java web start" in slave configuration. when I use following command to start the slave, the Jenkins slave agent window showed connected and then at once turned to "terminated". Anybody help? Thanks a lot!

set CYGPATH=%2
if x%CYGPATH% == x set CYGPATH=C:\APPS\cygwin\bin


echo %PATH%
javaws %MASTER%/computer/%SLAVENAME%/slave-agent.jnlp
exit 0
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What happens if you run javaws ... from a command prompt? –  malenkiy_scot Jul 2 '12 at 9:31

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My issue was that my drive was not set. I told it to use the D:\ Drive because I had cloned it from another machine. However that drive didn't exist (Coudln't access it to place down the files).

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There could be many things that are wrong, but because you report the connection is established and then terminated, I think you have an incorrect address for Jenkins itself in the Jenkins global configuration.

Jenkins does not use the "Jenkins URL" setting for a lot of things, but establishing connection with Java Web Start slaves is one of them, so please ensure "Jenkins URL" in the master configuration is set correctly.

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Just putting it out there so that it might be useful for someone...

I also had the same issue and on checking the Master log (nice place to start if you have this issue), I came to know that the Remote FS Root was wrong. Actually I was following the official tutorial and even on the tutorial, they suggest you to use "C:\Jenkins\" which is wrong!

Jenkins tries to copy some files to this path but in this case, inverted commas are not accepted. So setting it to C:\Jenkins\ worked out for me!

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