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While adding private MIBs to the agent, I have created the .c & .h files, which should be kept in the agent/mibgroup folder. But in my case the mibgroup folder is not present, so I created it and kept my .c & .h files within it. After that I execute the

./configure --with-mib-modules="dot1qVlanStaticRowStatus"

which gives me this error message:

bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

That means the configure script is not present. My question is, from where do I get this script or mibgroup folder to execute?

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You need to add -M+/mib_dir/ to your snmpconf before you can do an explicit include of your MIB module.


snmpwalk -DlinkTable -v2c -M+../mib/ -m+ALL -c pub localhost:1161 .1.3

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