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I have been stuck on a seemingly simple thing, but it's been two days and I can't figure out what I am missing, I am sure it's a small thing.

My system has registrations and a registration has_many registration_transactions.

A registration is first created as incomplete then there's a checkout and the registration is in pending state. In the checkout method, a registration_transaction is supposed to get created.

Both registration and registration_tranasction have a field payment_method, and if the payment_method is Credit Card and transaction_type is payment then another registration_transaction is created for the same registration where transaction_type is Fee

Here's the code that does all this:

if !self.valid?
    errors.add_to_base("Error encountered processing transaction: Invalid Registration Data Entered.")
    #if self.registration_transactions.empty?
        :transaction_type   => 'Fee',
        :payment_method_id  => self.payment_method_id,
        :amount             => event_registration_type_membership.price,
        :notes              => "#{event.code} - #{event_registration_type_membership.event_registration_type.name} Registration Fee",
        :ip_address         => self.ip_address,
        :status             => 'Processed',
        :date_1             => Date.current)

    if payment_method.name.eql? 'Credit Card'
      payment = registration_transactions.find_by_notes("#{event.code} - #{event_registration_type_membership.event_registration_type.name} Registration Fee Initial Payment")
      #Commented the line below and changed status to 'Processed'.
      #Client wanted to process a transaction automatically when a user registers for an event and pays through CC
      #payment = registration_transactions.build(:status => 'Draft') if payment.nil?
      payment = registration_transactions.build(:status => 'Processed') if payment.nil?

        :transaction_type             => 'Payment',
        :payment_method_id            => self.payment_method_id,
        :amount                       => event_registration_type_membership.price,
        :notes                        => "#{event.code} - #{event_registration_type_membership.event_registration_type.name} Registration Fee Initial Payment",
        :credit_card_number           => self.credit_card_number,
        :credit_card_security_code    => self.credit_card_security_code,
        :ip_address                   => self.ip_address,
        #:status                      => 'Draft', changed status to processed
        :status                       => 'Processed',

        :credit_card_type_id          => self.credit_card_type_id,
        :credit_card_expiration_date  => self.credit_card_expiration_date,
        :billing_city                 => self.transaction.billing_city,
        :billing_state                => self.transaction.billing_state,
        :billing_postal_code          => self.transaction.billing_postal_code,
        :billing_country              => self.transaction.billing_country,
        :billing_first_name           => self.billing_first_name,
        :billing_last_name            => self.billing_last_name,
        :billing_address_1            => self.transaction.billing_address_1,
        :date_1                       => Date.current)

      result = payment.process(self.ip_address,false)
      logger.info "GCS - attempted to process payment via authorize.net, RESULT=" + result.to_s
      logger.info "GCS - messages from authorize net=" + payment.errors.full_messages.to_s

      logger.info "GCS - result: #{result.inspect}"
      logger.info "GCS - payment: #{payment.inspect}"
      logger.info "GCS - payment.errors: #{payment.errors.full_messages}"

      errors.add_to_base(payment.errors.full_messages) if !result

    else #check payment
      result = true

The problem is that when I put checkpoint and check in runtime then registration_transactions has two transactions, one for Fee and another for payment, just like desired. But when the registrations completes and I look at the database, there's only the payment transaction. Somehow the Fee transaction doesn't get saved.

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This line does not save the build associated model until it is saved.

registration_transactions.build(:status => 'Processed')



which updates an existing record in DB. You'd need to build your associated record with all the attributes and then save.

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