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I have a static map in my application which populate when I click on a link. After that it makes lots of object and store them. Now I have a link which will clear this Map. Should the object inside this map will be Garbage Collected or not?

There is some piece of code.

Hello1 hello1 = new Hello1();
Hello hello = new Hello();
setMap("1", (Object)hello);

Hello1 hello2 = new Hello1();
Hello helo = new Hello();
setMap("2", (Object)helo);

Hello1 hello3 = new Hello1();
Hello helo1 = new Hello();
setMap("3", (Object)helo1); 

Now I have a method removeMap which works as below

public static void removeMap(String key){



So when I call this method for a single key after adding above three object. does that object Garbage Collected or not?

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Eligibility for garbage collection is a very well documented topic, I suggest you do some research. You can also attach a profiler to your process and watch the number of objects that are currently living. – Justin Jul 2 '12 at 7:07
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Yes, after the map is cleared, the objects which were referenced from it will become eligible for garbage collection if there are no other strong references to them.

Note that removing the entry from the map won't immediately cause garbage collection - it just means the map will no longer be preventing the object from being garbage collected.

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Yes , When your Map is cleared or you remove objects from it , objects will be eligible for garbage collection . since objects don't have any reference they are eligible for GC.

Any object which is unreachable or has no reference is eligible for collection.

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Your question embodies a contradiction in terms. If the object, or rather the reference to the Object, has been removed from the Map, it is no longer 'inside the Map' at all.

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