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Drupal 7 i need to crate New User with the Code (not via the Panel manually).

When i test with this chunk of example code i googled, in the Drupal:

$form_state = array();
$form_state['values']['name'] = 'robo-user';
$form_state['values']['mail'] = 'robouser@example.com';
$form_state['values']['pass']['pass1'] = 'password';
$form_state['values']['pass']['pass2'] = 'password';
$form_state['values']['op'] = t('Create new account');
drupal_execute('user_register', $form_state);

It showing: Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_execute() in ......

How can i make it work or any other simple way like above?

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The example code you found is for Drupal 6 and out-of-date. drupal_execute() was renamed drupal_form_submit() in Drupal 7 and the form is now user_register_form.

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Try this, which really handles programmatically rather than mimicking the user registration behavior.

$account->is_new = TRUE;
$account->status = TRUE;

$edit['name'] = $name;
$edit['mail'] = $mail;
$edit['status'] = 1;
$edit['init'] = $name;

$newuser = user_save($account, $edit);

//send email if you want
_user_mail_notify('register_no_approval_required', $newuser);
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