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I want to modify an existing gem to compatible with new rails versions. My requirement is as follows

I have a gem which runs in both rails 2 and 3. But it has some stylesheet copy functions. So as you already know rails 2 has stylesheets in public/stylesheets folder, But in rails3 has assert pipe line.

So what I want to do it, I want to detect the rails version using by my gem installed rails application and according to the version I will handle the file copy.

My question is How an installed ruby gem reads the current rails applications version ?

Or is there any other way to do it ?


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I took a look around in the latest stable source for Rails and found a version.rb file which indicated I could do this:

Rails::VERSION::STRING  #=> "3.2.6"

If you look at Rails 2.3, you’ll find that the same thing works there.

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this works perfectly, thanks – sameera207 Jul 2 '12 at 16:17

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