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I have two NIC cards with 4 ports each on Redhat 6.1.

When the application comes up, it creates a bonded interface with one port from each NIC (example: eth1 and eth4), and assigns a virtual IP to that interface. Once this interface is up, all the packets from this machine should go through the bonded interface.

To achieve this currently, I'm changing the default gw device name to the bonded interface using the ip route command: ip route replace default via dev INT-BOND.

When stopping the application, we bring down the bonded interface and change the default gw device name back to eth0.

The problem with my approach is if someone brings down the bonded interface (ifdown), then it removes the default gw.

I need confirmation that my currently working approach is fine to proceed with going forward; otherwise, should I go with modifications to the iptables/ip rules, or are there any better suggestions?

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This definitely wants to be on serverfault.com . Sadly, it's too old to migrate. –  Tom Anderson Feb 28 '13 at 15:36

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