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Here the window is a semi transparent window and i want to add this window to the main window when the application launches. but,this window is not adding over my semi transparent window on application launch

I want to achieve something like in x-code when you build your application.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance

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At a minimum you need a subclass of NSWindow so that you can construct it with NSBorderlessWindowMask. This removes the frame entirely.

The simplest way to achieve the illusion of a custom window with a non-rectangular shape is to make the default "square" window completely invisible and perform custom rendering in an NSView. Since NSColor has an alpha channel, sending setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor] to the NSWindow is enough to erase it; also call setOpaque:NO to inform the window server that the window can show pixels that are behind it.

Your NSView subclass needs a drawRect: to render the rest. A rounded-rectangle can be achieved using a path with 4 arcs. A gray translucent background can be achieved in a similar way to the clear color; just use an alpha of (say) 0.65 along with the color value.

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but i want to add this window when my application finished launching like in Xcode when you build your application ( see the image attached) and make this window to be visible over my application window. how can i do this? – user1295948 Jul 2 '12 at 8:54
i know how to create a semi transparent window but i don't know how to add this window over the application window when the application finished launching. Please help me – user1295948 Jul 2 '12 at 8:56
It could be the "level" of the window. Try [window setLevel:NSNormalWindowLevel] on your transparent window so that it is placed in the same plane as document windows; then use [window orderFront:nil] to put the window in front of the other windows in its plane. – Kevin Grant Jul 2 '12 at 23:42

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