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Hi I a trying to do the following:

onMouseOver I want to: 1. remove the existing class (navLinkTD) which provides a black border around the table. 2. Add a new class (navLinkTDActive) which provides a border around the top, left and right but has a background image which changes the border on the bottom to have a small arrow.

Once the mouse has left the active region I want to: 3. I want to remove the navLinkTDActive class 4. I want to re-add the navLinkTD class

What is happening is that onMouseOver/hover all styling is removed. Once I remove the cursor from the active region then the navLinkTDActive class appears.

Here is the section of code causing the issue :-

        function() { $(this).removeClass("navLinkTD"); },								  
        function() { $(this).addClass("navLinkTDActive"); },
        function() { $(this).removeClass("navLinkTDActive"); },
        function() { $(this).addClass("navLinkTD"); }
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You're passing 4 arguments to the hover function, where it only accepts 2. Try rearranging the code as following:

        function() { 
        function() {

Since jquery supports chaining you can optionally reduce the statements to ones such as:

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Your only need 2 functions. One for over and one for out. Combine them.

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.hover only takes two function parameters; try this:

        function () { $(this).removeClass("navLinkTD").addClass("navLinkTDActive"); },
        function () { $(this).removeClass("navLinkTDActive").addClass("navLinkTD"); }
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