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I am building a WP7 app to take photo and upload image to a third-party server using RTMP. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any sensible implementation of the RTMP client for Windows Phone 7.

I have downloaded WebOrb, but it seems like the WebOrb for WP7 library doesn't support RTMP. Furthermore, I cannot integrate the Silverlight dll to my WP7 app.

I also looked at the FluorineFX but it doesn't have a version for WP7 either.

Can you advise another library which would provide RTMP on WP7, or a way to make the above libraries working with WP7?

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I don't know if WP7 can run "exe" files but if u can, try with VLC 2.00 "Twoflower" or the new release. The first one works great on PC with RTMP and others.

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