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I had a string array which I want it to be returned in view separated by comma.

@Html.DisplayFor(m => name.studentName) <span>, </span>}

I'm using this way but the last string will ended with a comma also. Wondering how to avoid this?

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@string.Join(",", name.studentName);

And have a look at string.Join on MSDN.

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I assume that you have a collection of students on your model each possessing a studentName property that you want to display:

public IEnumerable<Student> Students { get; set; }

And inside your view you are looping through this collection and displaying each student name individually.

Now instead of looping you could do the following:

        Model.Students.Select(x => Html.Encode(x.studentName))

or even better, externalize this logic into a reusable custom HTML helper:

public static class HtmlExtensions
    public static IHtmlString FormatStudentNames(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, IEnumerable<Student> students)
        return new HtmlString(
                students.Select(x => Html.Encode(x.studentName))

and then inside your view simply call this helper:


You no longer need to write any foreach or whatever loops you are writing.

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