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I have an HTML file containing these lines -

<script>PrintFileURL("13572_BranchInformationReport_2012-06-29.xml","",0,"184277","Jun 29  1:30","/icons/default.gif")</script>
<script>PrintFileURL("","",0,"184302","Jul  2  1:30","/icons/default.gif")</script>
<script>PrintFileURL("","",0,"53147","Jun 29  3:33","/icons/default.gif")</script>
<script>PrintFileURL("","",0,"62719","Jul  2  3:35","/icons/default.gif")</script>
<script>PrintFileURL("13572_IndividualInformationReport_2012-07-01.acc","",0,"4033364","Jul  1 12:50","/icons/default.gif")</script>

I need to extract the file names from this string -



Right now I m using following Regex code -

 var fileNames = from Match m in Regex.Matches(pageSource, @"[0-9]+_+[A-Za-z]+_+[0-9]+-+[0-9]+-+[0-9]+\.+(acc|zip|app|xml|def|enr|exm|fpr|pnd|trm)")
                        select m.Value;

It is giving me the last 3 files but not the first 2 files.

Can someone provide me one Regex to extract all these files?

Thanks in advance :)

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Add (_+[0-9]+)? to it:

var fileNames = from Match m in Regex.Matches(pageSource, @"[0-9]+_+[A-Za-z]+_+[0-9]+-+[0-9]+-+[0-9]+(_+[0-9]+)?\.+(acc|zip|app|xml|def|enr|exm|fpr|pnd|trm)")

That means that it should also match lines with the optional _+[0-9]+ postfix in filename.

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Wow thanks a lot..... It worked :) – akhil Jul 2 '12 at 8:39


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Try the regex below


and use:

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