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What does this line of code will do.

pcm->card->number, pcm->device both are int.

char str[16];

sprintf(str, "pcmC%iD%ip", pcm->card->number, pcm->device);

it is taken form android/kernel/sound/core/pcm.c.

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The documentation for printf should help. –  Kerrek SB Jul 2 '12 at 8:46

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As of the description of sprintf() and fprintf(), %i is

The int argument is converted to a signed decimal in the style [-]dddd. The precision specifies the minimum number of digits to appear; if the value being converted can be represented in fewer digits, it will be expanded with leading zeros. The default precision is 1. The result of converting 0 with an explicit precision of 0 is no characters.

So the result is e.g. pcmC12D23p if pcm->card->number == 12 and pcm->device == 23.

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My guess: this line is forming device's file name. Like ones which you can find in /dev

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