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In i.e. Adobe Dreamweaver it's possible to set up automatic copying of saved files to another project specific location. How can I achieve this with Sublime Text 2?

I'm on Windows 7 and I don't want to install third-party tools (like rsync for Windows) to watch a folder and then take action on a change. I just want to save my file to two locations (local SVN repository and a second windows remote share folder).

Is there a plugin which does this?

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There is now a plugin suitable for my needs: SublimeFileSync

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You can check out the Automatic Backup Plugin. It doesn't backup the files at a project-specific location, but it is a good way to automatically save a backup every time you save a file.

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Unfortunately it's not (yet) possible to read the relative directory path of the project, so I cannot rewrite the plugin code to save a copy of a file to the right location. I have now set up a FTP server on my testing location and I use the Sublime SFTP plugin –  dennis Jul 13 '12 at 15:17


Configuration options:

    // Don't make changes to this file directly as they can get wiped out when the
    // plugin is updated. Instead transfer what you need to the 'Settings - User' file.

    // The directory where we'll keep our backups. If empty, we'll try to put them in
    // ~/sublime_backups
    "backup_dir": "~/sublime_backups",

    // If true, also save a backup copy any time a file is opened (if backup file not exists)
    "backup_on_open_file": true,

    // If true, backups saved per day, in separate folders, for example ~/sublime_backups/2013-05-23/myfile.php
    "backup_per_day": true,

    // If set, backups saved per second. possible values: false, "folder" or "file"
    // false - disabled backup per second
    // "folder" - backup example D:/Sublime Text Backups/2013-05-23/095034/myfile.php
    // "file" - backup example D:/Sublime Text Backups/2013-05-23/myfile_095034.php
    // to use this feature, you must have enabled backup_per_day setting
    "backup_per_time": "file",

    // Files larger than this many bytes won't be backed up.
    "max_backup_file_size_bytes": 262144, // = 256 KB

    // Files older than X days will be deleted. If 0 - auto delete disabled
    "delete_old_backups": 0, // days to delete

    // If true, backup file opened in same line as cursor in original file
    "open_in_same_line": true,

    // If true, show backup previews (only in ST3)
    "show_previews": true

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