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I have a build.xml file with ant script In build.xml, I am setting a value to property env.REVISION, The value set to it inside a target is not accessible outside of it. For example in the following code ${env.REVISION} is set to but echo inside target "Get_Revision" gives correct value but echo inside the target "run" doesn't substitute the version number. The echo statement gives the output as ${env.REVISION}

<project name="module_name" default="run" xmlns:ivy="antlib:org.apache.ivy.ant">
  <target name="run" description="Run" depends="Get_Revision">
    <antcall target="Get_Revision" />
  <target name="Get_Revision" description ="Gets the revision number">
    <property name="env.REVISION" value="" />

Also, I would like to use this property ${env.REVISION} to be used in the ivy.xml file as well.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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When you use the antcall task, you create a new context:

The called target(s) are run in a new project; be aware that this means properties, references, etc. set by called targets will not persist back to the calling project.

In your example as shown, you are using a depends declaration on your run target, as well as an antcall, to the Get_Revision target.

The antcall will not give the result you want, for the reason given above.

However, the depends does give the result you want. Are you sure that your test scenario (second echo) fails when the depends is included?

BTW, the env. prefix is conventionally used for properties loaded from environment variables using like this:

<property environment="env"/>
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Sorry, I was not using the depends="Get_REvision" in my actual script. But I don't want to use depends in that case..only antcall –  user1495619 Jul 3 '12 at 5:35
antcallback task works fine when the property set inside the target has to be returned back to the caller –  user1495619 Jul 3 '12 at 6:17

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