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I currently have a web application which requires sending of SMS to other mobile phones.

I'm looking to connect my android phone to the server and invoke the SMS function to send a sms message out whenever the user clicks on "send" button on the web application

Is there any application that can do this?

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When you say "connect my android phone to the server and invoke the SMS function" do you mean plug a phone into the server via USB or do you mean invoke sending an SMS from your web-app? – BlackSpy Jul 2 '12 at 9:56
i want to send an sms from the web app, but I want the web app to make use of the android sms functionality – Hang Zhi Cheng Jul 2 '12 at 10:05

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EnvayaSMS is a Android app that acts as an SMS gateway and will let you send SMS from your server via your Android phone, as well as receive incoming SMS messages to your Android phone.

However, integrating it with your server can be somewhat challenging -- in order to send outgoing messages in real time without your Android phone constantly polling the server and using up bandwidth and battery life, you would also need to set up an AMQP server like RabbitMQ.

An easier method is to use Telerivet, a service that provides an Android app similar to EnvayaSMS, but also provides a simple REST-based API so you can send SMS from your server via your Android phone with much less integration effort.

(I'm the developer of EnvayaSMS and also work for Telerivet)

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EnvayaSMS worked for me in Kenya and was free. Telerivet costs a little bit of money but is affordable. I didn't require any special telerivet features. – Marc Maxson Jun 27 '13 at 14:12
Docs are decent, I powered up a test environment here in under an hour. – boatcoder Jun 28 '13 at 21:43
Hey @adunar I just started Telerivet with android for just sending an sms number so I used the code mentioned in api and there were two errors and I fixed them but even then it is not working.... Do you have any working android code for Telerivet? – srujan maddula Apr 10 '14 at 12:47

Another app that could be useful is the free and open-source SMSSync by Ushahidi.

SMSSync will achieve your goal, but not quite in real-time. It can work by polling the server for "send" requests, and process these and send out SMS messages. The maximum frequency to check for jobs (at time of writing) is every 60 seconds.

The primary feature of SMSSync is to receive SMS messages from users, and forward them via HTTP(S) to a server. In this mode, a response can immediately be given by the server, and sent in "real-time" back to the initiating user.

Source code for SMSSync is available on GitHub.

Disclaimer: I use SMSSync on my site (for similar purposes) and love it, but am not affiliated with Ushahidi.

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SMS GATEWAY ME is an android app that works pretty well and is free. you send a http post request to their web server and they tell your phone to send out the message. It can also forward incoming messages to your web server.

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THERE IS NO PROPER DOCUMENTATION For this gateway and no support... – kumar Apr 28 at 13:51

You can use this github project: https://github.com/anjlab/android-sms-gateway

This is a simple Android application that utilizes Google Cloud Messaging platform to send text messages from your phone. All you need is just to do an HTTP POST to GCM cloud. And its absolutely free!

P.S. This project was developed to solve an issue with Tanzanian Vodacom carrier when none of the sms gateways could not reach it, while messages inside this country were sending just fine

I didnt liked Envaya since it takes too much time and effort to setup while problem is that simple. And Telerivet costs money and I dont want to pay for it:) So just try it

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2-way SMS gateway via GCM: netbizltd.com/wp/budget-sms-gateway – CrazyChris Mar 27 '15 at 11:54

SMS GATEWAY ME is an android app that you can download for free. The service is free too. you send a http post request to their web server and they tell your phone to send out the message. It supports incoming messages too. Hope that helps.

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You can use ZNISMS Bulk SMS App

This app will provide you the exact functionality, which you are looking and it is also free. We are using this app in our web service to send login details to our users via SMS.

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I have been implementing a system like that but I am not sending the SMS in real time.

I simply have a queue of SMS on a mysql database and built a simple PHP API that the android app is calling to retrieve the SMS queue and update the status.

If I were to implement a system that would send the SMS in real-time, I would attempt to build a simple ServerSocket on android, and a client socket on the web application (I don´t know which language you developed in, but this is fairly easy in PHP) which would connect to android socket and send the data.

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Take a look at services like Twilio that allow sending SMS via a web based API. You can use these from an app or mobile web site/application. Also be aware of the One API Gateway that is currently available in Canada but is being rolled out across other geographies.

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Following on from question asked.

If you want your web app to send an SMS, you need to provide a native wrapper for your application. You will have to have a simple java app with a WebView that displays your web page. You will then need to write a java class that exposes a method that launches an intent to send a SMS message. You can then use the addJavascriptInterface method on the WebView class to expose your java class to your page, and execute the launching of the intent to the SMS app from your web page. The following link should help:


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I think you got it wrong. The web application is NOT a mobile web application. Take it this way. I have a website which I want it to send SMS. I was to use an Android App to accomplish this. I'm just thinking if I should code the android app myself or if there's already alternative methods – Hang Zhi Cheng Jul 2 '12 at 10:15
Then your answer is to use a SMS gateway. There are lots available on the Internet. You basically just make a HTTP POST to them and they send the message out. Option 2 would be to buy GSM Modems and write your own service to send out SMS's using the drivers provided with the hardware. I've done this before and must warn it's a non-trivial exercise – BlackSpy Jul 2 '12 at 10:19
Yea so I'm looking if an android can replace that sms gateway. Then I can make use of the android sms api. then that will make my work much easier. – Hang Zhi Cheng Jul 2 '12 at 13:11
I would think using android would make life considerably tougher. You would have to run the virtual machines (slow) on the server, and then have to write some pretty funky adb commands to wake the device and emulate keystrokes, as Android's security model doesn't allow one app to use another - instead you have to switch focus to the other app and wait for it to exit though the use of intents. All that work compared to make a simple HTTP request seems overkill – BlackSpy Jul 2 '12 at 13:42
Also, VMs won't have SIM cards - so you'll have to find some way to use ADB to move data onto the device, then write an app that looks for those files and sends SMS's. Then you'll only be able to send 1 message at a time, so I hope you're not anticipating high load. – BlackSpy Jul 2 '12 at 13:50

There a number of apps that you could use to do this (I develop one of them). Just search for "SMS forwarding" on Google Play, or see this thread. The apps essentially forward an from the phone to an Internet destination such as the app web server, or email. Some of them provide the option to reply or initiate an SMS from email/web etc. You may still have to write some code, to convert your web page to a format the app you select can consume.

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i know that smstools3 can send SMS form arriving emails, maybe this is a solution for you

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