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I'm looking for a JavaScript framework that cans Represents Tables and Parent Child relation:

  1. Represents Entity as Grid with paging, sorting and filtering.

  2. Implement base manipulations with row: Add/Edit/Delete in such grid.

  3. If the entity has Parent Child relation as a parent (for example- 'Customer') get for any selected row panel with Tabbed List (for example - 'Order's, 'Manager's, etc.)'.

    Every element in the list is a represented name of Child Entity (for example - ‘Orders’) and grid contains child rows for the selected row (all orders for the selected customer in our example). All described upper is applying to child grid (recursive).

Does anyone know such framework?

All, I’ve asked about answered that it should be but they don’t know it.

In this case I start making it by myself use as a base (points 1,2) jqGrid, jQuery UI for Tabs and Dialogs and some own scripts.

It’s quite successful – it’s work. But a code is a lot of noodles.
In case of a lot of hard work to look it more pretty I’m looking for such tool once again.

Could you suggest me something?

Please, do not advice common frameworks like ExtJS, jQuery UI, Backbone; only things that are close to described goals.

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Did you found anything since ? – ZedTuX Jun 12 '13 at 21:03
I haven't found any such solution. Any library I've looked for: Kendo UI,ExtJS, jQuery UI just offers you controls, but not a ready single one admin application on client side. – Gareev Kamil Jun 13 '13 at 4:47

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