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My company is going to do a iPhone social network game, similar to Dragon Story and Tap Paradise Cove. When I tried these games, I found that a game server is needed especially a server program because some active event need send by server too such as Push Notification or some task finish event. I'm not familiar with game server/client programming. Therefore I'm here to asking for the beginning steps and language/software to use. I'm afraid of choosing the wrong tools and discover the tools can not be finish the task finally.

Here is my little idea to do, these are the tools I have little bit experience

Approach 1. Game client: iPhone Game server: a QT program runs on ubuntu linux Database: MySql

The Game server and Database stays on the same computer, game client communicate with game server and the game server will access the mysql database. The game server will respond to game client request, and sometimes will send data/event to all clients

Approach 2. Game client: iPhone Game server: a PHP web services runs on linux Database: MySql

Similar to Approach 1, use php to handle request from client, and I m not sure is it able to do some schedule task or background process to actively/schedule send out data to client..

Is there any other traditional/appropriate way to do this job. I would like to try solve the problem but I really need some direction to start with, thx for all.

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Sounds more like a web app design than an iPhone app? Have you considered other platform options? –  Paul de Lange Jul 2 '12 at 10:04
I think my boss will target on iPhone and Andriod only, now first target on iOS –  sum Jul 4 '12 at 4:01

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