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I have read some articles referring how navigation work with Screen and Conductor<T> in Caliburn.Micro, but they doesn't seem to match my requirement.

My WPF application has 3 views:

  1. When user starts the application, a welcome screen is displayed, and the application would do some startup work in background.
  2. When application finishes startup process, it navigates to a list view.
  3. When user clicks an item in list view, it enters a detail view

However, when navigating between different views, I need the whole window to be replaced, it seems Conductor<T> works when there is a ContentControl in the view and replaces part of the view, now I need the previous view to be destroyed and a new view replaces it, no ContentControl, no MDI application, so what do I miss to implement this simple navigation?


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Why can't this be a ShellViewModel/ShellView with a ContentControl that consumes the entire shell Window? Alternatively, you could look at the WindowManager class provided with Caliburn.Micro.

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This is one apporach i worked through, but when I navigate from list view to detail view, I have to call a Navigate method from ShellViewModel, this introduces a dependency between ListViewModel and ShellViewModel, the result is each of my ViewModel depends on the ShellViewModel and this looks not nice :(, so I'm wondering if there is a more free way to navigate between views, I would give WindowManager a try, thanks – otakustay Jul 2 '12 at 10:18
Your list view model/detail view model doesn't need to have a dependency on the shell view model. For inter-viewmodel communication you can either use standard .NET events (subscribe to an event on your list view model from your shell view model) or use Caliburn.Micro's event aggregator. – devdigital Jul 2 '12 at 10:45

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