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I am using the RibbonWindow, and in the first section I am using ribbonBar buttons and other controls, and in second section I used DockPanel to Show / Load the Other Controls

I have two userControls, one is to display the details using TextBox and DropDown controls and another userControl is to show all the existing data in DataGrid..

These two controls have to be placed in that DockPanel based on Condition, which is in RibbonWindow...

Now, what I want here is when I click on the any of the Grid row, I need to fill that selected GridRow data into the DisplayUserControl (userControl1) and that userControl has to load (replace the second userControl) into that DockPanel...

What I have done is....

First I load the UserControl2 in to Dockpanel of the RibbonWindow and fill the Grid data

and I have taken the Values of the Grid Row using the ClickEvent

and in that Method I have called One DelegateEvent to call the Method declared in MainRibbonWindow...

That method is supposed to show the DockPanel and load another userControl. The code is below.

the below method is in MainRibbonWindow...

public void fnDisplayEmployeeDetails(string str,DockPanel dockPannel)
    //  dockPannel is to be cleared...
     this.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke((Action)delegate { dockPannel.Children.Clear(); }, null);  //To Clear the Dock Panel

    CtlAddEmployee frm2 = new CtlAddEmployee(str); //userControl1 and here str is Id of the Row...



Here all the work is done, but the DockPanel remains with the second userControl only (I.e Displaying Grid only). The dockpanel not replaced with the firstUserControl

If I am trying to display those same values in another Window's Dockpanel, it is displaying fine. I don't know why this strange behaviour is happening...

public void fnDisplayEmployeeDetails(string str,DockPanel docPannel)
    this.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke((Action)delegate { docPannel.Children.Clear(); }, null);  //To Clear the Dock Panel

    CtlAddEmployee frm2 = new CtlAddEmployee(str);
    MainWindow mnWindow = new MainWindow();    //another window Form...
    mnWindow.ShowDialog();  //here it is showing well....

How should I show the Details of the Grid values in another usercontrol, and that usercontrol has to be filled in same Dockpanel....

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Have you tried NOT delegating the addition of the child control? I have found that these behaviour can occur when you access UI components from different threads. In the case of the different window (second test that worked), since the new window is created in that new thread, the interaction work fine....

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i also tried it without Delegates but it didn't work. –  V G S Naidu Jul 4 '12 at 4:21

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