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Is it possible apply style to anchor's pseudo selectors with css/sass/scss something like thats

a:* {
        color: #900;  

instead of

a {
    &:hover, &:link, &:active, &:visited {
        color: #900; 

I just want reset standart styling. In css wildcard can be used to apply some style to all elements. but how about pseudo selectors?

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There is no universal pseudo-class selector or anything like that. If there was, it would match not just your four link pseudo-classes, but everything else defined in CSS, which doesn't really make any sense. –  BoltClock Jul 4 '12 at 14:31

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Note: While this works, you should just apply it to each case.

You can say

a {
    color: #900 !important;

which will override the default color change property in the pseudo selectors. However, this can be a hassle later on, as important should only be used when no other alternative is available.

However, this really only works if you never want the color to change, and probably should be done manually for each.


Note: You can change the color on :hover by making it !important as well.

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I just want apply one color for several link states. Your solution is what I'm looking for. –  Vladimir Jul 2 '12 at 12:55

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