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just wondering if there is a way to reduce the amount of code needed when displaying a lot of images in HTML?

I am wanting to display around 2-300 images in a gallery, and at the moment the HTML will look like this:

<div id="scroller>
    <img src="/Content/images/decking/decking-1.jpg" width="100" alt="" />
    <img src="/Content/images/decking/decking-2.jpg" width="100" alt="" />
    <img src="/Content/images/decking/decking-3.jpg" width="100" alt="" />
    <img src="/Content/images/decking/decking-4.jpg" width="100" alt="" />
    <img src="/Content/images/decking/decking-5.jpg" width="100" alt="" />

...but down to image "decking-250.jpg".

Is there a more efficiant way to display the images so that I don't have 250+ lines of "img src" HTML?

The only part of the filename that changes is the "-1", "-2", "-3" etc etc. The rest, including the Alt tag can remain empty.

I am building this site in ASP.Net MVC3 Razor using the online tutorials as a guide if that helps any solution come to mind, of if it simply has to be done that way then that is also fine - I just wondered if there was another approach I should consider to learn?

Many thanks in advance.

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This is the way HTML works. You can't reduce that, as you need one img tag for each picture. You may create that code dynamically via PHP, JS, …. But in the end you'll get a long list of img tags, maybe individually wrapped by other tags (for example in a list).

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Thank you Feeela, appreciate the explanation - I'm happy to leave it alone as the question was merely just asking if there was a better way to do it (and I know pretty much nothing about how to script something in PHP or JS to do it for me). – Harry Jul 2 '12 at 10:54

I agree with Feela, and though it may appear verbose, your code is about as bullet-proof as it gets. Yet if something like JS is something you can use (or are using already), there are options. This isn't tested, but you could set up a for-loop statement in Jquery/Javascript that could condense the code. For example:

for (i=1; i < 250; i++) {
    $('#scroller').append('<img src="/Content/images/decking/decking-' + i.toString() + '.jpg" width="100" alt="" />');

I'm no ASP coder, but perhaps it provides something functionally similar.

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Thank you @Shrug, I'll look into that method as well, see if I can get something to work. – Harry Jul 2 '12 at 12:49

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