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I'm trying to create a patch using WiX 3.6 following this example containing 2 C# projects (executable and library). But I'm getting this error:

warning PYRO1079 : The cabinet '' does not contain any files.  If this patch contains no files, this warning can likely be safely ignored.  Otherwise, try passing -p to torch.exe when first building the transforms, or add a ComponentRef to your PatchFamily authoring to pull changed files into the cabinet.
error PYRO0227 : The transform being built did not contain any differences so it could not be created.

Executed commands:

set w="c:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.6\bin\"

%w%torch.exe -p -xi\PatchMe.Installer.wixpdb\PatchMe.Installer.wixpdb -out Patch\Diff.wixmst
%w%candle.exe Patch.wxs
%w%light.exe Patch.wixobj -out Patch\Patch.WixMsp
%w%pyro.exe Patch\Patch.WixMsp -out Patch\Patch.msp -t RTM Patch\Diff.wixmst

Directories "" and "" contain output of two different versions of same projects (changed AssemblyVersion and some code changes). Patch.wxs file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Wix xmlns="">
  <?include Variables.wxi ?>
  <Patch AllowRemoval="yes"
         DisplayName="$(var.ProductName) $(var.ProductVersion)"
         Description="Small Update Patch"

        <Media Id="5000" Cabinet="">
            <PatchBaseline Id="RTM">

        <PatchFamilyRef Id="SamplePatchFamily"/>

        <PatchFamily Id="SamplePatchFamily" Version="$(var.ProductVersion)" Supersede="yes">
            <ComponentRef Id="cmp981D9885AA29DD578D66D32ED919EBFB"/>
            <ComponentRef Id="cmpD5E6EA59DB565F052E0217CB3248DAE5"/>

ComponentRef Id's refers to component fragments create by heat.exe harvest of projects mentioned earlier.

Any idea, what could be a problem and why transform doesn't contain any changes?

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I think this may be a bug in 3.6. I tried for several hours to get this to work with version 3.6.3303.1, but I always got the PYRO1079 error. I finally downgraded to version 3.5.2519.0, and the error has not reoccurred.

I had to give up my MediaTemplate node and the Directory attribute of my ComponentGroup node after downgrading. I don't know if this was part of the solution or not (i.e. this might have fixed the problem instead of the downgrade).

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