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I've got 2 Notesdatabase both run completly on Xpages, my Adress and Correspondence. One holds all the adresses and the other all the correspondence for these adresses.

Now i wanted to put an iframe into my adress xpage to access the correspondence from there, this all works well in a browser but once i switch to Notes the iframe won't load.

style="border: none; width: 99%; height: 400px;" ></iframe>

I noticed that the current notes URL looks something like this:!!adresse.nsf/xpAdresse.xsp?documentId=589CBCAEAADE52F2C12579D40020BF4B&action=editDocument

so i tried to switch it to:

    src="#{javascript:@Word(context.getUrl().toString(),'!!', 1)+getParaValueByKey('CorrespondenceDB')+'/xpCorrespondenceView.xsp?rows='+compositeData.rows+'&amp;glAdrID='+compositeData.key}}" 
    style="border: none; width: 99%; height: 400px;" >

A computedText shows for the src above:!!correspondence.nsf/xpCorrespondenceView.xsp?rows=5&key=833C5C1633E34E6CC1256CD20041DBE5

Path and everything looks ok but it still won't open the iframe, can someone please help me with this?

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Are you accessing this on your local replica when using XPiNC and on the server in the browser? – David Navarre Jul 2 '12 at 16:05
The URLs are from accessing the Xpage on the server (DEV) in XPiNC. – Cadrach Jul 3 '12 at 6:16

Why not just put in a view control that points to the other database, filtered by category name or column value? Use Xpages native controls instead of forcing HTML "square pegs" to fit into "round holes"?

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Because with a view control i can't open the the correspondence document, when i mark a column as link. The generated Link will look like this and sadly wont work.http://DEV/adresse.nsf/$$OpenDominoDocument.xsp?databaseName=DEV!!Correspo‌​ndence.nsf&documentId=13009BE2046C30F4C1257A2F00367637&action=editDocument – Cadrach Jul 3 '12 at 6:32
Is DEV listed in your hosts file? Try adding it in and see if it the link works. I've not done this myself, so am just speculating.... – David Navarre Jul 5 '12 at 18:04

Don't use an iFrame. When working in XPiNC you should use a composite application for this. Your address database publishes the key that the correspondence consumes.

Of course David's suggestion to use a view (or repeat or Rest) control and point it to the other database works as well.

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Using a view control and pointing it to another database will work for the viewing and even for searching documents. But marking a column as 'show as link' to get the document to open will result in an error, when you click on it. – Cadrach Jul 3 '12 at 9:36
Then try the component approach – stwissel Jul 3 '12 at 11:34

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