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I am trying to debug some functions in my code. Unfortunately, gdb is not available in the system, so debugging is done, at the moment, by printk messages (it is a linux kernel driver).

There is a function being called with some parameters. I would like to know if it's possible to know who and how called the function.


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You can enable stack dumping to see the stack and the call trace. You can use the function dump_stack() to print the stack and the call trace on the default console.

Have a look at :

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You can also read code offline by Ctags and cscope.

using cscope f c Function_name in vim, you will get the call trace.

In windows, you can try the Source Insight.

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GCC provides the function __builtin_return_address.
__builtin_return_address(0) should give you the address of the call site, within the calling function. Search for the nearest value in /proc/kallsyms to find the function.

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Calling dump_stack() in the kernel code is the way to go.

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