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I have searched everywhere for a solution to my problem but cannot find a answer. Here's the problem.

I have a layout that looks like this

Image is here

Now when I click in the edit text(search bar) i want the following to happen

Image is here

The soft keyboard basically needs to push up the whole screens content so that the search bar is at the top and its listview is beneath it so that when the content is searched the results are displayed. I have tried setting android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" to the Activity in the manifest but this did not work. I set a scroll view as the main container in the main layout that contains the fragments but that also did not work. I have tried adding the edit text(search bar) as a header to the list view but this also did not work. Every time the keyboard pushed up the edit text but covered the list view. Is there any way to make this work?

Thanks for any help in advance

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I faced a similar issue, the solution was simple.

If the theme in the activity is set as Fullscreen @android:style/Theme.Holo.NoActionBar.FullScreen, the keyboard was not pushing the contents up.

After I changed the activity to @android:style/Theme.Holo.NoActionBar, the keyboard is now pushing the activity contents up.

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This can be used in Fragment Class to move the Edit text up and Scroll till end.


This will work for sure if your Fragment Activity theme is not in FullScreen.

Hope this will help!

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this is worked fine, But layout push up when enter the first character in the edit box. how to solve? Please let me know if u know –  siva Feb 20 at 6:53
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I could not find a solution for the layout to change automatically so I had to hack it. I used the code that I found here in my main activity to detect when the keyboard is opened. I just added code to call a method that hides my top two fragments when the keyboard is opened. This isn't really what I wanted to do but it works.

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Actually if you want your entire layout pan up than you should use :


meaning: getWindow().setSoftInputMode(WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_HIDDEN | WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_ADJUST_PAN);

this will keep the keyboard closed and when opened it'll push your entire activity up.

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You are awesome! –  Eenvincible Apr 23 at 10:05

Try android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize" in your manifest file.

You might need to do android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize|adjustPan"... I don't really have anything comparable to your setup to test on...

Your problem is becasue of this (from the docs for adjustPan, emphasis mine):

The activity's main window is not resized to make room for the soft keyboard. Rather, the contents of the window are automatically panned so that the current focus is never obscured by the keyboard and users can always see what they are typing

Given that, your list is being obscured becasue the EditText on top has the focus. The only thing I can currently think of is to move the EditText so it is below the list. Then when pushed up, your list should still be visible above the EditText.

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Thanks for the reply. I have tried that, did not work. The re-size works but it causes the content to be squished in at the top of the screen and that looks really bad, also the listview content is not displayed when adjustResize is used. –  Neil Jul 2 '12 at 12:35
Updated my answer, not a real solution, but a possible workaround. –  Barak Jul 2 '12 at 13:05
Hi Barak I have tried moving the EditText below the listview but this did not work. I also thought it should but it just pushed the EditText over the listview and hid all the content of the listview. –  Neil Jul 3 '12 at 5:55

This worked for me.

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I use this for my EditText login:


Some notes about this method:

this is referring to the context, as getActivity() is not always preferable

.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_HIDDEN  //for default hidden state when activity loads

.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_VISIBLE //for auto open keyboard when activity loads 

Works everytime!

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