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I am using a fake ant(we have our own version of ant that at some point calls the original ant) to run a java applciation. The I run the application I want ant to display Build Failed whenever there is an exception thrown in the code.

Right now what is happening is that if I throw an exception in the code, the ant displays the exception on the terminal but writes Build Successful in the end. How can I make the build fail in the case of any exception ? Even if I exit the program by writing System.exit(1) it writes Java Result: 1 but still writes that the Build was successful. I am using try/catch in the build.xml file but it doesn't help.

The ant target in the build file looks like this.

<target name="localhostIsAlive">
            <java classname="x.y.z.ClassName" fork="true" spawn="${spawnDB}">  
                <arg line="${version}"/>    
                        <pathelement location="${basedir}/classes"/>
            <fail message="Some error occured, build should fail"/>

Now, what I want is that if there is any exception thrown during the execution of the program, it should display build failed and not build successful.

Any ideas ?

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Use the failonerror attribute:

<java classname="x.y.z.ClassName" fork="true" spawn="${spawnDB}" failonerror="true">
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you can use :

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