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I'm doing some animations with core animation, but I can't found a way to know with a notification or event when the animation block has finish, like in UIVIew animation block you have


how can I know this in core animation, thanks for any help

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If you are using a CAAnimation instance, look at the animationDidStop:finished: for its delegate.

CAAnimation * animation = [CAAnimation animation];
animation.delegate = yourDelegate; // could be self, for example.
[yourLayer setAnimation:animation forKey:nil];

In the example above, yourDelegate should implement the animationDidStop:finished: method to be able to detect the animation end.

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Should it make any difference if it's a CATransition? I can't seem to get animationDidStop:finished: to be called. – Inturbidus Jun 18 '12 at 2:32

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