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I have a JavaScript function that sends data to my PHP script via $.ajax. My PHP script returns a number of things that I use to create a Jquery UI dialog box, such as the title of the box and its contents (html).

I am returning the bits of data (such as the dialog title and body) in one long string, with each segment separated by ::, then using:

myStuff = data.split('::') ;

Finally, I use myStuff[n] for the first part I want to use.

I would like to know if you guys know a better way of doing this? Better as in faster/less code, more secure etc.

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I guess you want JSON in your response.. –  Vytautas Jul 2 '12 at 12:12

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I believe that using a JSON object would be more appropriate. It would make the code more readable and would avoid the parsing, as Javascript can natively parse JSON objects:

var title = myObj.title;

There are many choices for creating JSON objects in PHP to chose from.

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Your best option is Json.

PHP has 2 great functions for dealing with Json, json_decode and json_encode

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