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Im trying to set bold in some part of text field that concats with parameter (noCurso) but when this parameter comes with character "&" scratch my pdf print.

This prints style tag bold besides put in bold the text. And works when parameter not come with "&"

See below my text field

"Eu, "+$P{noAluno}.toUpperCase()+", portador(a) da Cédula de Identidade número "+$P{nuRg}+", declaro, sob as penas da lei, que entregarei todos os documentos necessários para a efetivação da matrícula no curso "+$P{noCurso}.toUpperCase()+". "

What is going on?

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You can use an apache commons library method to escape the special characters in the parameter:


More on this issue can be found in the JasperForge iReport Forums.

The Apache Commons Lang API can be found here. In particular, you will need to download the commons-lang library here.

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Thank you...works perfect –  Apoena Machado Jul 2 '12 at 13:21
As a new user on stackoverflow, you may not be aware that when someone answers a question to your liking, you should click the little check mark next to their answer -- this is called "accepting" the answer. It increases both your reputation and the answerers. Once you get a few reputation points, you can also "upvote" the answer by clicking the little up-arrow next to the answer. Thanks! –  Jeremy Goodell Jul 2 '12 at 14:35

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