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I'm trying to test my registration controller (which overrides Devise's built in controller) but when I do the following test:

test "should create user" do
    post :create, user: { email: "", first_name: @user.first_name}
    assert_redirected_to user_path(assigns(:user))

However, the response coming back says "You must sign up/sign in to continue" which makes no sense as I can do this manually from the browser to sign up a user.

Any ideas?

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Just had the same issue. Answer is in the devise docs:

2) If you are testing Devise internal controllers or a controller that inherits from Devise's, you need to tell Devise which mapping should be used before a request. This is necessary because Devise gets this information from router, but since functional tests do not pass through the router, it needs to be told explicitly. For example, if you are testing the user scope, simply do:

@request.env["devise.mapping"] = Devise.mappings[:user]
get :new
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