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I'm using the following code to determine whether the input parameter is a class or a variable:

class Trajectory():

print inspect.isclass( Trajectory() )

where the Trajectory is a class, but when I'm calling this function I'm receiving false. Why?

According the documentation this have to be true


    Return true if the object is a class, whether built-in or created in Python code.
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Because Trajectory() is a class instance – Trajectory is a class.

print inspect.isclass(Trajectory)

will print True.

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I think you are looking for the isinstance function.

class Test(object): pass

a = Test()
b = 1234

assert isinstance(a, Test)
assert not isinstance(b, Test)
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Because you are instantiating Trajectory and getting an object instance. Observe:

In [1]: import inspect
In [2]: class Trajectory():
   ...:     pass
In [3]: print inspect.isclass(Trajectory())
In [4]: print inspect.isclass(Trajectory)
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