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i'm trying to use Google's v8 in my iPhone Application. I built the libraries using "make arm" as stated on Google's website. Unfortunately I get several linker errors telling me that the library is build "for archive".

The terminal tells me that the library's architecture is i386:

lipo -info  libv8_base.a
input file libv8_base.a is not a fat file
Non-fat file: libv8_base.a is architecture: i386

So, how do I actually build a armv7 library?

BTW: I don't really know much about this library building stuff. Maybe I can only build for ARM on an actual ARM device? I don't get why I can't just download the prebuilt files anywhere, too.

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V8 is a just-in-time compiler. This will not be allowed in the AppStore (hence why Google's own Chrome app for iOS does not use V8). –  vcsjones Jul 2 '12 at 13:41
okay, but i'd still like to know what's the issue.. –  HenryLadung Jul 2 '12 at 18:42

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You can find instructions to cross-compile for ARM on the v8 wiki.

When running on an x86 machine

make arm

builds a simulator, not an actual ARM binary.

You can also compile a release shell natively if you have ARM hardware:

scons arch=arm -j2

You may also want to learn about cross-compilation.

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There is a simulator for armv7 built in the v8 source. If you check v8/src/arm/ you will find simulator files. To build, make sure your CC, CXX and LINK are point to native gcc / g++ tools. And then do

Make arm.release -j8 

This will make for arm and look into *.gypi files for more build options. Hope this is useful.

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