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What is the best vs2008 theme you have seen.

I have been looking for a theme that looks like the borland turbo c of so long ago.

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Scott Hanselman has a blog post regarding Visual Studio Themes Gallery http://www.hanselman.com/blog/VisualStudioProgrammerThemesGallery.aspx

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I really like this theme by Oren Ellenbogen.

It reminds me of the elegant 'Dust' theme in Ubuntu. You can get it here.

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I like Damien's Humane theme, combined with EnvyCodeR VS font. or Vibrant Ink.

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I like one from CodingHorror. It is not the best but I like it at this time.

alt text

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I use zen-burn settings. The actual download link was from MSDN a while ago and I think this may be the actual version a guy based his off of. I can't remember the name of him to be completely honest.


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I use Ragnarok Grey. It was featured by hanselman, but on the authors site there are some more: http://winterdom.com/category/vs-color-scheme

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