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How to tell the First method which is part of LINQ library to return proper value. I have something like this:

var query = db.SinglePageContent.Where(q => q.Lang == zm1 && q.PageName == zm2).Select(s => new { s.Content});

//var reqUrl = query.FirstOrDefault(item => item.Content);
ViewBag.requestUrl = query.First();

and now the ViewBag.requestUrl has value { Content = bla bla bla }, but I want to have only "bla bla bla". I just don't know how to get there to only retrieve value. Any ideas?

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You are creating new anonymous class with new { }

use this instead

var query = db.SinglePageContent.Where(q => q.Lang == zm1 && q.PageName == zm2)
    .Select(s => s.Content);
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thank you, that was that :) – jimmyweb Jul 2 '12 at 14:10
sorry about delay but I was afk and couldn't mark this answer in less than 15 min from posting it – jimmyweb Jul 2 '12 at 17:54

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