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I want typing effect in JavaScript, like this: Typing Text Animation Tutorial Timed Loops and Array Programming Using JavaScript

What library do you recommend to use? Always define type() and use setTimeout()? I want to use this in Apache cordova(phonegap).

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find this nice library : TheaterJS (

here a demo:

kind of human-typing effect.

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Hmm, I haven't used cordova, so not sure how much help this would be, but here's a simple jQuery plugin I have for simulating the typing of text. The source is below, along with a jsfiddle demo (since I've never posted it to github or anywhere). Perhaps it can help you create your own code for cordova.

// Make sure Object.create is available in the browser (for our prototypal inheritance)
// Courtesy of Douglas Crockford
if (typeof Object.create !== 'function') {
    Object.create = function (o) {
        function F() {}
        F.prototype = o;
        return new F();

(function($) {

    // Main plugin class
    var Typer = {
        // Recursive function that types one letter at a time
        doType: function() {
            var _this = this;
            _this.el.innerHTML += _this.letters.shift();

            // If there are more letters to type, setTimeout
            // Otherwise, execute callback function
            if(_this.letters.length > 0) {
                _this.timeout = window.setTimeout(function(){
            } else {
                if(typeof _this.callback === 'function') {

        // Plugin init function
        init: function(el,options,callback) {
            this.options = $.extend({},$.fn.type.defaults,options);
            this.callback = callback;
            this.el = el;
            this.$el = $(el);
            this.letters = (this.options.text || el.innerHTML).split('');

            if(!this.options.append) { this.el.innerHTML = ''; }
            if(this.$':hidden')) { this.$; }


    // Plugin function - for each element, create a new Typer and run 'init()'
    $.fn.type = function(options,callback) {
        return this.each(function(){
            var t = Object.create(Typer);

    // Plugin option defaults, overrideable by user
    $.fn.type.defaults = {
        speed: 200,  // interval between key presses
        text: null,   // text to type into element
        append: false  // set to true to add text to element.


Some options for calling the plugin:


    text: "This text will be added to what is in the paragraph already.",
    append: true
    // something to do when typing is complete
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+1 for the jsfiddle. Is there a resonable way to have it accept backspaces and have the text deletions and re-typing occur? I tried just adding the  (html backspaces) but they just delayed the ouput, they did not cause it delete the previous characters. – dansalmo Aug 12 '12 at 23:29

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