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I have the following line in my html:

<div ng-bind-html-unsafe="departmentConfig" class="control-group"></div>

and I use a $resource get to retrieve the HTML, assign the HTML to $scope.departmentConfig, and then the view is updated perfectly. The HTML that is assigned to $scope.departmentConfig contains form elements, with ng-model attributes in it, but when I change the values in these input elements, they don't update the $scope model at all.

This is what I have tried, based on a lot of other internet posts, and it isn't working:

$resource('resources/sources/departments/:mappedName', {
    }).get(function(departmentConfig) {
        // This will call another function that will build a chunk of HTML
        $scope.departmentConfig = $scope.buildDepartmentConfigHtml(departmentConfig);
        // This is my feeble attempt to access the element, and bootstrap it to include the items in the $scope model.
        var $departmentConfigContainer = $('#departmentConfig');
        angular.bootstrap($departmentConfigContainer, ['sourcemanager']);

I have even seen some jsFiddle examples where this appears to be working, but mine isn't. Am I calling bootstrap too soon? I also tried putting a $watch on $scope.departmentConfig like this:

$scope.$watch('departmentConfig', function() {
    var $departmentConfigContainer = $('#departmentConfig');

but it didn't work either. I bet there is an easy explanation to this, I just can't seem to get the input elements with ng-model that are loaded after page compile to get bound to the model. Any help is appreciated, this is the last piece of functionality I need to get working on my page. Let me know if you need more information about my configuration as well.

So, simply put, how can I force a section of the DOM to recompile after I know it has been loaded?


Here is a jsfiddle outlining what I would like to do: http://jsfiddle.net/j_snyder/ctyfg/. You will notice that property two and three don't update the model, and I am calling bootstrap on the outer div, hoping that will include those in the model binding. This is the first time I have posted to jsfiddle, please let me know if you can't see the example.

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ng-bind-html is made for regular HTML, not compiling new angular elements.

You will have use the $compile service.

Here is how you would edit your current example to work: http://jsfiddle.net/andytjoslin/ctyfg/21/. But this way ends up being bad, because you have to do DOM manipulation in your controller.

You just need to create a directive that will basically do what you wanted ng-bind-html to do: http://jsfiddle.net/andytjoslin/ctyfg/22/

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Thanks Andy. I also posted on the Angular Google Group, and here is the thread. I got something working that will indeed do what I need, along the lines you just posted. groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/angular/51-CNL6GEKE –  j.snyder Jul 5 '12 at 19:49
Thank you so much for this! –  grant Apr 3 at 3:15
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