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In the Oracle® Fusion Middleware Security Guide under the section Modifying an Identity, it is written:

In order to modify an identity, you need a reference to the identity. The User, UserProfile, Role, and RoleProfile classes provide the following APIs to facilitate modifying identities:

user.setProperty(ModProperty prop); user.setProperties(ModProperty [] props);

ModProperty structure consists of:

the field name

its new value(s)

the modifying operator

Valid operators are:

ModProperty.ADD ModProperty.REMOVE ModProperty.REPLACE

In this example, a display name is replaced:

UserProfile usrprofile = usr.getUserProfile(); ModProperty mprop = new ModProperty(UserProfile.DISPLAY_NAME, "modified display name", ModProperty.REPLACE); usrprofile.setProperty(mprop);

But no sample is provided for the Also this interface doesn't have the setProperty(ModProperty mprop) like So how do we change the property for this class?

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To use the setProperty(ModProperty mprop) method you need to cast the RoleProfile instance with the class didn't find its documentation or javadoc). In-fact the interface extends and the abstract class implements it, which in turns is extended by following three classes:

  2. and

All of them has setProperty(ModProperty modProp) method defined within themselves. Among them the class throws from setProperty(ModProperty modProp) method and it does not do anything.

So the solution is:

RoleProfile roleprofile = role.getRoleProfile();
ModProperty mprop = new ModProperty("someprop", "modified display name", ModProperty.ADD);

That's all folks. :)

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